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Napoleon of Crispy Serrano ham and Candied Eggplant, coulis of piquillo pepper


700 g eggplant.
4 large slices of Serrano ham.
160 g piquillo peppers.
20 cl olive oil
2 garlic cloves.
Sugar, salt and pepper

1 peeler
1 pot
1 shallow sauté pan
Baking paper
1 electric hand blender

Preheat the oven at 90°
Turn on the simmer plate on medium
Peel the eggplants and cut them in 2cm thick slices
Heat the olive oil in the sauté pan
Sear the eggplant slices on both sides, browning them slightly
Add the garlic cloves and season with salt, sugar and pepper
Cover the pan and keep cooking for about 20 minutes on the side of the simmer plate, checking periodically to avoid any scorching
Cut the ham slices in 6cm squares
Place them on a pastry pan lined with baking paper
Bake the ham for 10 minutes in the oven
Drain and cut the piquillos peppers in small pieces
Using the hand blender, liquefy them, adding a little bit of water to help, if needed
Season with salt, pepper and sugar.
To serve, stack three slices of eggplant alternatively with 3 slices of ham in the center of the plate
Drizzle two tablespoon of piquillos coulis
Decorate with a few chive sprigs


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